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Press Release: Green is the New Black

Date Added: 23/06/2015

World-renowned pencil manufacturing company, Faber-Castell, has always worked in harmony with nature but is now completely carbon neutral. 
A recent scientific study by German technical inspection association, TUV Rheinland, has confirmed that Faber-Castell’s forests in Brazil absorb more than 900,000 tons of carbon, retaining considerably more CO2 than the company emits worldwide.
Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, owner and CEO of the company, initiated the unique forestry project more than 30 years ago. In contrast to other industries who decimate the forest, such a soy farming, Faber-Castell planted over 10,000 hectares with millions of seedlings to grow their own wood for the casings of their world-famous pencils. The FSC-Certified wood from these forests now supplies the world’s largest factory in Sao Carlos, producing more than 2 billion wood-cased pencils a year. 
Constant reforestation of the harvested trees maintains a sustainable ecological system. And around 2,700 acres of the forest remain untouched, creating a thriving and important habitat for rare plant and animal species. Yet the company still makes nigh on £400million profit a year. 
West Design, who are the sole UK distributors for Faber-Castell’s Art & Graphic range, and have a £16 million turnover, already operate a huge recycling operation at their HQ in Folkestone, Kent and manufacturing plant in Plymouth, Devon, and are currently working to upgrade their buildings to work on renewable energy.
Jo Bray, Head of Sales & Marketing at West Design explains: “Although we’re not completely carbon neutral yet, we are working to improve our green rating and are proud to partner with companies such as Faber-Castell who are leading the way in eco-commerce, proving that going green really can keep your business in the black.”